How To Get Rid Of That Old Stinky Washing Machine Smell

If you have ever purchased a second hand washer from a garage sale or used appliance dealer you may be familiar with the frustration of trying to get rid of that terrible stinky washing machine smell that insists on lingering despite your best efforts to remove it. For a mold and mildew free washing machine without a trace of any stinky washing machine odor, you will need to use a good washer cleaner to remove the mold and leave your machine sparkling clean and smelling wonderful.

Use Washer Cleaner To Eliminate Mold And Mildew

Rather than replacing your towels if they come out smelling worse than before they went in try tackling the problem head on. Towel and clothing odor is caused by the bad smell being transferred from the clothes washer to them. Towels are thicker so the mold and mildew that accumulates inside the washer will permeate deeper into them. Also, towels are used when they're wet and in close proximity to the face so odor is noticed more.

To remove mold odor from towels and clothes the washer must be cleaned first. You've probably heard of a variety of strange, odor-eliminating home remedies, from washing your washer out with Orange Tang to bucket loads of vinegar. What your stinky washing machine needs is a reputable washer cleaner that is specially formulated to remove odor-causing detergent and softener and the fungus that grows on it. Bleach or vinegar (DON'T mix them) will kill the mold but won't remove it from the inside of the outer tub, thereby acerbating the problem because it leaves a base for more detergent/softener residue to collect on and more mold can grow on that residue. Also, bleach is very harsh and dries out the seals and rubber gaskets in the machine. By using a professional washer cleaner you can effectively eliminate mold and mildew and thus the unpleasant washer odor.
Generally speaking, one dose of washer cleaner is all it takes to solve the problem, although in some extreme cases it may take multiple applications. After the washer and towels are cleaned the washing habits of the user must change in order to stop the odor from returning.

It's Not Just Old Washers That Are Stinky

Reports have confirmed that it isn't just old washers that are hard on the nose, but that the brand new, expensive front loaders also have the biggest stink. Many people find that their new front loading washer, which they bought to replace their old stinky washing machine gets the bad odor as bad as their last washer! The odor from a bad case of "smelly washer" can be so intense that it will cause the laundry room and even the house smell bad!

Stay Odor-Free With Regular Maintenance

It's a well-known fact that leaving the washer lid or door ajar when not in use will assist in keeping stinky washing machine odors at bay. This certainly helps, but running your washer through a regular empty wash cycle using hot water, bleach or a washing machine cleaner is also recommended. Many new washing machines are now manufactured with a special cleaning cycle to tackle this problem as well as including free samples of special stinky washing machine cleaners to use.

Once you've removed the mold from the washer don't despair! The odor can also be removed from the towels by either doing several washings or by using a cleaner that will get rid of the mold spores to make them fresh smelling once and for all!


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