Choosing the Best Washing Machine Accessories

Today's laundry room is filled with many marvels that industry innovators have designed to make your life easier. Your washing machine is an important part of your home, and choosing the right accessories can make it even more valuable. The right accessories can help you save energy and hence the environments, and money, and they can also help your clothes come out cleaner, fresher and fluffier.

Choosing the Right Hoses

The hoses on your washing machine are very important, and it is vital that they are up to the job. While your new washing machine probably came with a plastic or rubber hose, those common materials can have some big disadvantages. Both plastic and rubber can deteriorate over time, and that could cause your washing machine to fail. Replacing those inferior hoses with stainless steel ones can enhance the durability of your washing machine and eliminate many problems. Stainless steel hoses are easy to replace, and in most cases the replacement will only take a couple of minutes. These are available from many hardware shops and also through some washing machine suppliers.

Sock Holders

We all know that socks wait for laundry day to make their great escape, but with a sock holder you can keep those socks right where they belong. Using a sock holder will also keep those errant socks from becoming entangled with the other clothes. This will help to keep them clean - and keep them from escaping. Imagine that, a sock draw full of matching pairs of socks!

Keep Lint at Bay

Lint is a big problem in any dryer, and using a lint remover can keep this common problem from affecting your clothes and your appliances. You would be surprised how often this is overlooked and a repair man is called out instead of a simple two minute clean out of the lint bay.

Use Washing Bags to Make Laundry Day Easier

Some items of clothing - like lingerie, underwear and sweaters - can be very difficult to wash. But by investing in a couple of laundry bags you can make washing those challenging items a lot easier. Laundry bags are inexpensive and easy to use, so there is no reason not to use them. And you thought the lint bag was just for taking your laundry home to your mum!

Keep Your Caps Fresh and Clean

If your wardrobe includes baseball caps you are probably looking for a way to keep them fresh and clean. Unfortunately just throwing your caps into the washer with the other clothes can ruin them, and hand washing can be a real pain. Fortunately there is a solution - in the form of a washing machine accessory designed specifically for baseball caps. You simply open the lid of the cap washer, pop your favorite baseball caps inside, close the cap and pop it in the washer. The cap accessory protects those baseball caps and helps get them clean without ruining the shape. What will the appliance of science come up with next!


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