Choosing the Best Wine Coolers Refrigerators

If are planning to start your very own wine collection at home, one of the very first things that you need to have is these coolers refrigerator. Wine coolers refrigerators are basically refrigerators that are designed especially for creating favorable and controlled storage spaces for wine bottles.

There are a wide variety of these coolers sold out in the market today. So if you are planning to buy one anytime soon, here are the different kinds of refrigerators that you can choose from.
Built-in Wine Refrigerators

Built-in wine refrigerators are custom made to fit perfectly in your kitchens. The best advantage to having them is that they make the bottles very accessible and easy to reach. If you want to open a bottle, you can do it then and there without ever going anywhere else. Built-in wine coolers refrigerators can come in a wide variety of sizes as well - from the cabinet-sized coolers that can fit in 18-28 bottles to the full-height refrigerators that can accommodate up to 50 bottles or more.

Free Standing Wine Coolers

This kind of wine cooler is great for small bottle collections because of its limited space. They are an ideal choice to have for small kitchen spaces. Free-standing coolers can hold around 6-20 wine bottles and keep them at recommended storage conditions. They are very compact and light, and are usually placed in kitchen countertops for better accessibility.

Narrow Wine Coolers

A narrow wine cooler is another great piece to have in small kitchens. Narrow wine coolers do not take up much space but make use of the height of your room for storage. They are tall and wine bottles are usually stacked three to four levels up in pairs. Narrow coolers may not hold that many bottles compared to the built-in full height coolers refrigerators.

Single Bottle Wine Coolers

Single bottle coolers are very simple coolers that can chill one single bottle at a time. This wine cooler can cool wines in 20-30 minutes' time - a great thing to have when you have unexpected guests around.

Dual Bottle Wine Coolers

A dual cooler has two separate chambers that give you independent temperature control. This way, you can afford to cool 2 different kinds of bottles using each of their recommended temperatures. This is a great piece to have when you want to chill white and reds at the same time. You can easily set both chambers at different temperatures and get to serve your guests with the best tasting at their perfect temperatures.

Wine coolers refrigerators are also made out of various kinds of materials - from full stainless steel to oak wine barrel coolers. Stainless steel coolers are one of the most popular and can range from table top sizes to full height refrigerators. Either way, they give kitchens a beautiful, sleek and modern touch.

Wine coolers refrigerators may be a very pricey investment but they are capable of creating controlled environments and simulating temperatures that your normal fridge can never do. So if you are really passionate about wines, this is definitely a worthwhile investment to make.


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